New Millennium Realty is proud to announce we have sold another home in Bexley. We are internet marketing experts. We care about your success as home owners. We know you have pride in your neighborhood.  It’s not good to leave home vacant to long and we want to get them sold to great neighbors that will appreciate all Bexley offers. Call Colleen Welch today @ 740 253-1942.

A first-ring suburb of Columbus, Bexley is known for its historic and close-knit neighborhoods, its highly ranked public school system, its classic and walkable Main Street environment, the prestigious private schools located within its borders, and its status as the home of Capital University.

The village of Bexley was incorporated in 1908 when the neighborhoods of Bullit Park to the north and Pleasant Ridge to the south combined. Bullit Park had formed in the late 1800's as a neighborhood occupied by wealthy Columbus residents who constructed country homes and urban estates east of Alum Creek along Broad Street. Pleasant Ridge was a Lutheran community rooted in the academic environment of Capital University, which located in the neighborhood in 1876. After reaching a population of 5,000 in the late 1920's, Bexley became a city in 1932. Today, Bexley has a population of over 13,000 residents, with over 4,000 households in the City. It is geographically compact, located within a 2.5 square mile footprint bounded by Alum Creek to the west, Gould Road to the east, Delmar Drive to the north, and Livingston Avenue to the south.

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